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Looking for the best Personal Training?


Completely The Best Training At The Best Prices!

By being a Fitness Quadrant client you get the full benefit of Coaching and Consulting for your complete program of all the four quadrants - not just during your Personal Training exersise session! To be successful we must be eating, resting and exercising correctly, and since about 97% of our time is spent in the R and E Quadrants, you will get the support you need during these important times by calling or emailing and getting your questions answered.

Achieve Your Fitness Goals with the wisdom of Author and Personal Trainer Steve Costello, ACE CPT (American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer) serving the New Jersey shore area for 15 years including Ocean and Monmouth Counties. Specializing in complete fitness programs for weight loss, health, ab and stomach reduction including elderly, seniors and baby boomers.

Personal Training Sessions "By The Book"

If you are local to the Jersey shore, you may possibly be able to have a live in-person session with Steve. Get the utmost synergy when you combine the manual for fitness and weight loss - "The Fitness Quadrant" and the author and ACE CPT Trainer Steve Costello together to provide the ultimate environment for fitness success. Follow the program in the Fitness Quadrant by the author himself as he leads you through the exercises and concepts in your Personal Fitness session. Then "take the author home with you" as you follow the program and concepts in the book. Let the supportive eating plan work for you as you read the chapter on Eating and then work out your individual eating plan -  and when you need help - Steve will supply the support personally for all ongoing clients!

Plan The Work

Starts with a Fitness Consultation

1) Discussing your history and specific desires and goals

2) Fitness Evaluation

3) Estimated resting heart rate measurement

4) Bodyfat (subcataneous) skinfold site measurements

5) Posture analysis

6) Waist, Hip, Arm and Thigh girth measurements

7 ) Creating your customized plan for success, setting realistic goals, and estimating time frame for achievement

Work The Plan

Fitness Personal Training Sessions:

1) Discuss previous such as:

       R Quadrant - How much rest you have had, how you have been feeling, etc.

       C Quadrant - How much Cardio have you been doing? How long? How Frequent? How Intense? etc.

       E Quadrant - How frequent hove you been eating? When have you eaten last? How much? Keeping log? etc.

       A Quadrant - Examine previous Anaerobic workouts to determine the plan for the current workout

2) Perform C Quadrant (Cardio/Aerobic) exercise and learning skills and techniques to do it periodically on your own

3) Perform A Quadrant Anaerobic exercises and learning principles and safe intensification techniques

4) Perform and integrate R Quadrant rest periods and stretching

5) Make all proper mid-course adjustments in Plan, Goals, and Actions

6) Follow Through advise - what you should do after this session: your Plan of proper C, A, R and E before your next session, referring to relevant chapters in the system - your "The Fitness Quadrant" book

7) Periodic Fitness Evaluations to measure results and improve all four Quadrants

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Personal Training sessions may be available - limited openings and session time frames as the time slot you may want most is already taken, call for scheduling and possible availability, waiting list availability if there are no current openings. Reserve your spot. 

For Personal Training Sessions with Steve Costello...Call for rates, as rates vary according to factors such as promotions, location, sharing with partners, etc.

2 for 1 deal: (Have partners join with you and split the cost!) Bring a friend and share an hour session and save money as you pay half and your friend pays the other half.

Payment is due each session prior to the session.



Training in your adult community clubhouse or in your home:

(If within driving distance) Call for Special Senior adult community discount rates.

(Have partners join with you and split the cost!)

Call now: (732) 948-8112 or email:

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