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Some Sample Fitness Quadrant Beliefs

         I am becoming progressively more fit, leaner and shapelier through time as I change my body composition by gaining healthy lean body mass and losing body fat.

         Anaerobic exercise provides me with the stimulus to become increasingly leaner and healthier.

         Cardio is improving the efficiency my heart and lungs.

         I eat Creatively, creating a fast metabolism and burning fat by keeping my blood glucose ideal through my waking day.I bring my blood glucose down before sleeping to become leaner.

         The fitter I get, the faster the fitter I get.

         By eating frequent small balanced meals

         I supply my body with the lean protein I need for healthy cells and the fibrous and/or starchy carbohydrates I need for continuous “time release” energy through my day.

         I am healthy with a strong immune system as I continuously become fitter with every step of my training.

         I have a healthy back, as I give my spine the balanced conditioning and flexibility it needs.

         It has taken me some time to progress to the shape I am now in, and from now on time will use time to my advantage and progressively become more fit.

         Others have become fit before me and I am doing what they have done to be fit, and what works for them works for me, as we are all human.

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