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Steven Costello started training at 13 years old, when in 1969 he bought his first bodybuilding magazine. "I remember browsing through the magazines in a local candy store and seeing my first "muscle" magazine. I picked it up and I was totally amazed as I browsed through it. I had a hard time believing that anyone could really be so muscular! So, I bought that magazine and the rest was history! I ordered free weights, a bench and protein powder and off I was to a great start! By the time I started high school I was already getting pretty fit, and compared to all the other kids in the school I had become the most muscular. I used that strength to excell all four years in gymnastics as I kept up my training. It was great to be so strong, especially at that time period. It was fortunate for me that I grew up in a rural area and was never exposed to steroids, and I stayed natural all my life. In the 1990's I took stock of myself and realized that I'm great at training and working out, as I have been doing it all my life, so why not use all that experience and help people by becoming a Personal Trainer. I'm so glad I made that decision, because the learning never stops, and it is so rewarding to be able to share that knowledge with the many people that need it. That's why I had to write my book. I've also taken a special interest in learning how to effectively communicate with people, so I have read a vast amount of people skill books, and it has really paid off".

 Steve has been a Personal Trainer since 1996. In the late 90's he became a top trainer for Workout World and was the Director Of Personal Training for World Gym. Since then has been self employed for many years specializing in weight loss and training seniors.

After holding a couple of national personal trainer certifications through the years, he is also ACE certified::  Ace Profile



The Fitness Quadrant concept and the book are the result of years of training and research and it is of great hope that many lives will be touched by bringing these teachings to the Internet.

The Fitness Quadrant website originally created and designed by Steven Costello

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