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Genesis 1:28 and Genesis 9:1 "replenish the earth"  - God told Adam and Noah to replenish the Earth. Since our ancestors in the late 1800's stopped replenishing our earth (by not putting wood ashes - minerals - back into our soil) for a little over a hundred years now, and our farmlands being progressively leached of minerals, and that is why we have all these deficiency diseases. God takes care of His people and God is now providing us the lost nutrients. We now make up for that terrible loss by "replenishing our bodies" by putting back into our bodies the minerals and nutrients that we would have had by supplementing with the 91 essential nutrients - and the 77 major and trace minerals should be all COLLOIDAL MINERALS

Our Story

About us, our website and our business: My name is Steve Costello and I am an ACE CPT, and I've been a Personal Trainer and a researcher specializing in helping seniors get fit and healthy for well over 15 years. I thought I just about knew most that one needed to know about nutrition - I even wrote a fitness book in 2010 which contains a chapter on eating for fitness, and this information on essential nutrients brings that chapter up to date. I just always keep learning more. After mastering fitness and weight loss nutrition, I learned the value of organic food, raw live food with enzymes, juicing and non-GMO's in the last few years. Working with Maggie as a team, we learned about all the essential micronutrients and about sweating and exercise and how when sweating we lose all nutrients (including minerals and trace minerals), and we learned that the food we eat is basically devoid of many essential minerals due to progressive depleted soils. So now we learned to make up for that loss, so we "replenish" and supplement - properly, not with the common metallic minerals that we used to waste our time taking that have only 10% or less absorption (only 3-5% over age 50), but with the best plant derived colloidal minerals in supplements that have 98% absorption, as with the supplements that we use and recommend. One of the initial benefits we have found is that I don't have any food cravings anymore, as now my minerals are no longer deficient (with mineral deficiencies people crave food and eat too much too frequently, not realizing that it is a mineral deficiency that they feel - the solution is to take our minerals and then the cravings are gone, a super key to losing weight (body fat) and preventing weight gain and Yo-Yo dieting).

Our Simple Core Basic Program In A Nutshell That We Follow:
1) Eliminate The 10 Bad Foods and increase Absorption
2) Antioxidants - consume minimum of 20,000 ORAC points per day, for chronic conditions up to 100,000 points
3) Supplement With all the essential nutrients

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veterinarians VS Pet veterinarians
Livestock veterinarians Pet veterinarians
Naturopathic Allopathic
Primarily Clinical Nutrition Primarily Drugs and Surgury
Preventative Disease Management

Wholistic VS Fractionated
"Wholistic Nutrition" - giving the body all of the nutrients including co-factors to support and promote the health and structure of the body, will supply the body with all the raw materials it needs to repair itself. This is opposed to what is termed "Fractional Nutrition" - when someone only takes a "fraction" of the "whole" - such as only taking vitamins A, B, C, D, E and the minerals Calcium and Magnesium, which are only 7 out of the 91 essential nutrients.
As an ACE Personal Trainer, I understand the difference between Wholistic and Fractionated. The book I wrote in 2010 - "The Fitness Quadrant" deals with this concept between the four Wholistic synergistic quadrants: Anaerobic, Cardio, Rest and Eating. Leave one out and the formula is incomplete - fractionated. Within the scope of Nutrition, all 91 Essentail Nutrients work together synergistically with each other as co-factors. Look at the chart below for some comparisons between Wholistic and Fractionated:
Wholistic Fractionated
All essential nutrients Only some of the nutrients
Exercise plus All 91 essential nutrients Exercise plus only some nutrients
All essential nutrients, Anaerobics, Cardio, Rest Only some nutrients, Cardio, Rest
Wholistic Nutrition:
60 Minerals
16 Vitamins
12 Amino Acids
3 Essential Fatty Acids

 Veterinarians know how to cure animals of the same diseases that we humans get. Even dog food has more nutients in it than food that humans eat - Science Diet has over 40 minerals!


Exercise is Positive Stress - the body adapts and the tissues become stronger ( as long as it is performed correctly and with proper timer and rest for adaptation ). We are strengthened by Positive Stress.

However, Negative Stress weakens our bodies and impacts the health of our bodies in a negative adverse way.
When Negative Stress is countered by our bodies built in defense mechanism, we have no symptoms and we remain healthy. When Negative Stress is too powerful for our bodies defense mechanism, the strength of the stress breaks through our bodies defenses and our bodies system is destabilized and our bodies compensate and generate symptoms. Forms of Negative Stress are Common Stressors (such as pollution, bad food, malnutrition, weather, etc.), Mega Stressors (such as reactions from loud noises, intense hot and cold, etc.) and Chronic Stressors ( long term exposures to heat, radiation, etc.).

Hence, a strong immune system is required for our bodies to handle stress, with all the essential nutrients daily which is complete "Wholistic Nutrition" - giving our bodies all of the nutrients including co-factors to support and promote the health and structure of the bodies defense mechanism - all the raw materials it needs.

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